The Chicago Westside Condors Rugby Football club is the largest and most diverse rugby club in the Chicago area. We field two men's teams, a women's team and an "old boys" team. In addition to our adult rugby program we support two High School programs and a non-contact youth program


The Chicago Sirens is our women's rugby team. Founded in 2006 by graduates of the University of Illinois at Chicago and DePaul University, it is a DII women's club. The team has progressively grown in both strength and numbers. If you are interested in playing on our Women's team, please visit our website


The Chicago Westside Condors is our men's team and is a DII men's club. The Blues is our developmental men's team otherwise known as our B-side team. The Condors were founded in 1979 by students at the Loyola University of Chicago School of Medicine. 

The Chicago Frogs is our "old boys" team. This means it is a selection of both retired players and players who are unable to make the time commitment to regular practices but still want to play the game. You can visit the frogs website at .

If you are interested in playing on one of our men's teams, please contact us here.